231 words Remember the billionaire reddit was praising... 144 words 2021 was the year I decided to change my life, so I took a progress picture every day | I lost 100lbs and gained muscles from a very strict diet and a lot of exercise. 180 words That Time An Xfinity Repairman Caused Multiple Slideoffs and Accidents Because He Didn't Want To Put Up Some Cones 127 words The audience booes the opening band so Nirvana only teases Smells Like Teen Spirit a bunch of times then messes with other songs on purpose 186 words Fly kill with laser cnc 118 words 3 Minutes of awkward interviews with Henry Cavill showing the ridiculous double-standards of how women are permitted to talk about men 164 words John Cena if you call Taiwan a country 490 words Metal Gear Solid 4 - Snake Meets Big Boss 137 words This video has 234 dislikes. 131 words Exposing FAKE Parkour Girl on Rooftops of Paris 492 words Travis Scott's label is copystriking videos of people screaming at Astroworld tragedy, to take the ad revenue that was going towards the victims 122 words Travis Scott clearly sees the ambulance and then tells everyone to put up a middle finger 111 words Will Smith, swiftly points out gun safety faux pas on movie set 200 words Paul McCartney on acid 216 words Dubai Is A Parody Of The 21st Century 183 words To anyone who has ever annoyed their sibling, this is for you 375 words Right to repair in 60 second by Louis Rossmann 292 words Howard Stern predicts with perfect accuracy what Leno would do to Conan 4 years later 191 words Lofty Pursuits, a candy making shop in Florida, is working on recreating the legendary and discontinued Altoids Sours candy. 147 words An Indian and a UK doctor trying to guess the medical bills in USA and getting appalled by how expensive medial treatment in USA is.