131 words Black kids riding their bike in a white neighborhood in Queens, 1978 196 words A beautiful sign of compassion by Disturbed. Gave me goosebumps. 175 words Your Completely Untrustworthy Memory 162 words Assholes of New York Presents: NYC DogWalker Vs Biker 124 words This is a cesspool of hypocrisy 139 words Guy buys $90 order of bread for his family that turns out to be sponge like. Continues to clean his house with the bread. 143 words Senior High School student in my hometown was not allowed to walk with his graduating class this year for speaking out against the incompetent administration 125 words Cop says his name is F*ck You 151 words Gnarly Accident 189 words Arthur *was* pretty fucking savage. 131 words Man explains the ruthlessness & violence of california state prison. Freshout series : Life after prison 341 words Groundhog Day For A Black Man 112 words Waterville Cop Goes Nuts After Innocent Man Set Free (Please Mirror) 123 words What 40000 Videos Tell Us About The Trending Tab 314 words Live Streamer Ice Poseidon caught dialing 911 on friends phone using Iphone shortcut, IP is known for being swatted most famously on a commercial flight 178 words Guy on LivePD is arrested for being weird after passing every single road side test. 281 words A young, nervous and humble George RR Martin talks about his then upcoming book, " A Clash of Kings", in 1998 380 words You can play a piano on youtube with your keyboard. 295 words I EAT ASS 210 words Holy shit her reflexes saved this kids life