These Stupid Trucks are Literally Killing Us

I'm sure I'm going to get downvotes to Oblivion...

But these big ass trucks while they do kinda exist in my area...they aren't as bad around here in the NE as they are down south

I'd like to amend this ban...and ban fucking bikers...the bicycle type not motorcycles..

But Jesus fucking Christ...there nothing more annoying and dangerous then 15+ of these fucking morons taking up lanes of traffic and blowing stop signs, traffic lights and the most recent exp last summer...going around a school bus and trampling 2 middle schoolers and then acting like it was the kids fault...

I used to ride bmx and do flatland stuff and followed traffic laws,,but these damn mt bikers /tight ass clothes wearing people are a scourge that would have been better if their mothers swallowed them instead

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