It’s not about the nail!

Who said I hate you or anyone? Why do you have so much "hate" in your heart to go telling disabled people on Reddit how they should cope with their disability? I do live. I'm married, I work, have fulfilling hobbies, etc. etc. I also worry, like most people on this planet. You say your friend is living a full live, and I believe that. But he doesn't worry? At all? You're telling me this dude has never worried about an unfixable issue in his life? Of course the goal should be to move on with your life and not let the worry consume you, and I presume that's what he means when he says he doesn't worry. Not all worry is dysfunctional, and when it does start to creep in that direction, there's ways of dealing with it. One of those ways is talking to people who care. The empathetic listening piece is the solution, and it's not a drain if it's reciprocal.

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