Wells Fargo fined $3.7 billion after it was caught illegally repossessing peoples' cars and homes (2:35)

That's just interest principle ratio in the early years of the loan man. They weren't at fault for that issue IIRC.

Here's a link, educate yourself on how things work before jumping the bandwagon for the wrong reasons. https://mortgagemastersofindiana.com/understanding-an-amortization-chart/

If your payments are 1000 4% of $200,000 is $8000 per year So $667 interest per month and $333 goes towards principle.

Next year your principle is 196,000 So $653 interest and $347 interest per month.

It barely decreases early on. AND I'm not including the full escrow, which also includes taxes and insurance, so really you'd be paying like $1500 per month and only $333 goes to principle.

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