New official TOS post - I assume it's Christmas wishes

Quick entry

Good evening. Tree of Savior GM rejeulri Greetings!


Forward every Wednesday during the CBT period, I'm going to drill you're wondering what answers together.

Today, I'll guide you to the three questions that have been the most open after website.


  Participants will you guys CBT 1,000. Is it real?



[The truth of the rumors ...]

   Although the images published on the Internet, CBT assessment personnel number is displayed to 1000 people, In addition, 3000 is accepted by the state name.

A state in which the co-ordination and Game Rating Board still waiting for the screening, there is no confirmed information.

CBT testers for the correct selection'll inform personnel on December 29.



   Main character after the public Ran Introduction page, Monk deep ditch Agadir rain I do not see him.

Character had shown in the developer blogs are going missing?


  One of the most accepted's a question, this CBT website in only a subset of the classes of the four ranks below you will be able to play in the period I have been registered for the CBT.

Some classes have somebody waiting for you, so please be patient CBT or OBT will be able to play at the next higher class rank because it is more than five.



[Monk caught in the moment Let the chest;


Have you not seen those yet to developer blog!

Discover also a video!



  Rank-up play was thinking required by the character introduction page, there's a part that does not exactly make sense. I hope haejusimyeon clean again.


  Rank up system, I have a few rules,


Class level reaches 15 up to class circles or you can select a new class.

When the three circles each class, you can choose from a future rank.

Therefore, the main class of the first rank I can do up to 3 ranks.




If you choose a different class than the base class, the base class is no longer a choice from two possible rank!


And you can choose a class, you can choose from only the current class and added to their ranks.

So, yeotdamyeon Ranger and Ranger were added in the second rank 3 Rank saepeo, Hunter, I'm able to choose from a list of three.


Let me explain further about the circle.

  • Sodeumaen> sodeumaen> sodeumaen> and flight = sodeumaen three circles, and circles Flight 1

  - Sodeumaen> pelta star> and Flight> Caterpillar Tough sodeumaen collected = 1 circle, pelta star first circle, and circle Flight 11, capping a tough collected 1 Circle

  - Sodeumaen> sodeumaen> and Flight> Flight = sodeumaen and two circles, and circles Flight 2

  Are You understand a little bit?




   Where can I get BGM? I also liked BGM teaser site.

   BGM is provided to content in the game, give difficult to provide direct

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