Hey guys, please help me about chaplain!!


from Xlenz sent 8 days ago Here is the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJ0-yudmGM0 Note that he don't use stone skin either. And safety zone put 1 buff slot on the top left. He always try to maintain 4 buffs, so he can place safety zone. His build is high Int, some Con. At the last part of the video has his skill build. I don't recommend maxing mass heal though. permalinkreportblock usermark unreadreply [–]to Xlenz sent 8 days ago Thank you, you have been really helpful! Any particular reason why he isn't using Last Rites? I mean, if you are in a pinch, you can always overwrite one of your buffs with Safety zone. Second question, is it better to go full Int for damage and rely purely on your buffs or str/dex and use buffs as an extra? I'm leaning towards a Cleric, because HP regen is such a pain in this game, how does this build compare, to let's say a Dragoon? http://www.tosbase.com/tools/skill-simulator/build/k4vnargorf/ permalink [–]from Xlenz sent 8 days ago I am not sure why he didn't use Last Rites. Maybe just simply forgot to reactivate. Happen to me also, too many buffs to keep track of and still have to concentrate on mobbing etc. If you going Chaplain, go Int and a few Con, as you will be near-range and highly prone to damage, so you will need to get till the Hp range which you are comfortable in playing and healing. Str/Dex is better for priest C3 -> Monk. Going str/dex also means lesser heal amount/ heal damage, less mass heal etc. It is possible to go str dex as a Chaplain, but in my opinion going monk is so much better with Str/Dex cleric build than Chaplain. Dragoon just got buff last week. Too recent. I am really not too sure how good it is now, so I can't comment on that (previously Dragoon is bad). But for the build (classes before dragoon) there are a few things I suggest you to change, as these skills are valuable/ better. Pelt, you may consider getting Lv1 Guardian for its evasion attribute, and -1 level from rim blow. Umbo and Rim blow are hardly use when you are at higher levels. I only use them for Knockdown during dungeon parties to get the mob into aoe spells Flame Ground/ Zaibas etc, OR to interrupt the mob archers and mages and save my teammates. Both damages are really low. Hoplite. Max stabbing, rather than Pierce, that skill is real good. Throwing spear now has 0 cd. You can consider getting 1 level in it. I have seen a few hoplite spamming it, but can't comment on the effectiveness as I haven't personally test it. Doppel, ignore Punish, and Max Cyclone. Cyclone is really really strong. Solo: Pelt/Hoplite/Doppel is mostly an auto attack class, unless you decide to skill spam throwing spear. When skills are up, buff yourself, swash buckling, pain barrier, Stabbing, then auto attack any leftover mobs. Until you reach Doppel, then cyclone will be your main skill when vs a group of mobs. Chaplain also an auto attack build, but with Int (in my opinion) as the stat that scale better with damage rather than str/dex. Int also give you better heal/ damage with magic skills like heal and cure and other classes magic skills that you will take on rank 6, e.g. druid. Party/ Dungeon: Pelt/Hoplite/Doppel, will be the tank/ the one who gather the mobs. Run to the center of the room, swash buckling, either hold block or run around till linker do his job. Then use Cyclone/ Stabbing. Chaplain, healer/ support. You don't have any burst. You can attack after linker links the group of mobs. But most of the time, you find them expecting you to heal effectively/ use revive than doing DPS. Unless they have a better healer (Cleric C2). Both builds are good. The main concerns are: Are Dragoon good now? and Can Chaplain scales well at late level with auto attacks? Both I am not able to answer... I will suggest you to just go with the class or playstyle you like. Korea ToS have been buffing classes crazily if they are underpower. So it is not possible to get a prefect build when they are making so many changes to class balancing each week. permalinkreportblock usermark unreadreply [–]to Xlenz sent 8 days ago I'm amazed that there are actually still people around who would take their time and elaborate something in length to a complete stranger. I really appreciate the effort. Are you by any chance planning on coming to the EU servers (assuming you are not from NA, or Asia), once the game lunches in this region? I'd be happy to be in the same guild as you. permalink [–]from Xlenz sent 8 days ago It's my pleasure. I am always keen to help others, so long they don't react negatively to my opinion and appreciate my help. It feel more worthwhile this way, that my time spent researching on ToS is able to be of help to another person. I am from Asia though. I played in iCBT2 and had a ping of 300~600ms. Yup, it fluctuates that much. In Korean sever, my ping is 100~200ms. After playing with low ping, I really find that high ping is putting archers at real disadvantage with lower damage per second due to the lag input of each skill spam. I want to main archer, because I like range-attack-kind of playstyle (unless archers become underpower again). So most probably, I will wait for the Asia server to launch, while testing builds at the KR sever. :)

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