The New Tremola is Pretty Fun

Well, there's a lot of hidden stats that are dependent on what the devs set, otherwise, invincible bardiches would never have existed during the previous relic war, and faction wide pen chance would never drop or rise... and, the data mined wikis could tell you exactly what each tank gets, instead of "light armor, heavy armor, more armor", and "slightly less armor"

The devs are in control of the in game weather, even though it is also random and based on special conditions at the same time

Tge reason why they don't want to let you build tanks in the home region is exactly that, the numbers are dynamic, otherwise, you could get a statistical observation that doesn't change between wars or points of the war

The chance should be roughly identical if i fire enough shells, not change based on where im fighting and what specific 40mm gun im firing (if they don't have special velocity buffs/debuffs)

The HAC and devitt do not act identical, comparing their guns, but the devitt and silverhand do, but not the devitt and outlaw

But the toaster (relic war tank) also acts different

Even the silverhand and HTD don't act identical, aside from the damage buff

The damage is unchanged, but the pen chance changes

And with the Cutler, the wardens are the defensive faction by design

But the wardens have more offensive guns than AT guns, and the collies, vice versa

Wardens lose battles to cockiness, collies get tunnel vision, its the only way they die to harpas and bayonets, because when they aren't, the harpa does nothing, and the bayonets get killed before getting in range...

And the collies constantly complain about the harpa and bayo, citing them as reasons why certain buffs need to happen to their faction, rather than them just get better at situational awareness

Collies are too reliant on their equipment, and dev handouts, the ones that aren't, just don't say anything, because they are actually adaptable And im averaging this over about 30 wars

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