What a coinkidink

Welcome to the standard warranty of TV as well. Some not all do that to.

I used to work at Walmart and I would always tell them get the extended warranty. It lasted two years. Some last longer. They say “tvs last longer than 1 year”

Tdlr: manufactures know this. Only last 1 to 2 years. On purpose. Research the brand know what your buying.

Story: i over heard all this at self check out as, I worked and the supervisor had to explain this to the person:

Them: my new (at the time) 500$ tv will last more then that year it will it’s 500$ and it’s X inches. (Big ego)

The next year and a half later: yeah can I get a refund. Front desk check receipt and to see if warranty is still good all that. (14 days to 90 days is store return policy , manufacture it was one year but that is aloof of paperwork for customer)

Store: if you have an extended warranty, you can go through the app. Or we can look it up and help.

Them: I have standard warranty. I did not buy extra protection.

Store: oh, that yeah that only lasted a YEAR. Since purchase. Checks recipient. Or what the manufacturer says on the tv pamphlet. You only had 1 year. It’s been 1.5 years.

Them: so I would have spent and extra 50$ on a 500$ tv .

Store: For 3 years of coverage for your tv. Yes.

Store: if you want a 2 to 5 year warranty if they offer it, otherwise buy a new one, and some of them are now $ cheaper. And repeat. If you want to avoid the extra warranty (not standard).

Them: so this how it works now. After the warranty.

Store: this is how the manufacture works now, we just offer an extra coverage in case of this type of stuff. Like broken or worn out.

them: thank god, Black Friday is a thing.

Him: weeld his tv back to his truck, then came back in looking around for groceries.


I am use to looking at fine print. How many years a warranty last and such. 2 years is good if it’s. Tv and it’s standard. Less than that is typical.

The warranty we had at the time included a full refund during the time period of that extra warranty. Ie: if he had paid 50 bucks. He would have gotten the 500$ refund back. Meaning a new tv.

I don’t personally do the extra warranty because I always buy cheap and I can replace it or my family isn’t replacing it . But if it’s expensive, that’s when you definitely did need it.

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