In the next games, I hope Game Freak expands the curry dex and makes bigger cuts to the Poke dex.

I want complete freedom as to how I make my curry. As we progress through the game we'll be able to acquire more and more spices (the post-game, which is just battle maison, also has some spices). The meats and veggies themselves will depend on the nature, EVs, and IVs of the Pokemon from which they are made.

The Pokemon part: At the end of each battle your team is healed, you're given a rare candy, and you're allowed to progress regardless of whether you win or lose (your W-L will be kept track of). You can re-battle any trainers you lost against to change any losses into wins. Your opponent's next move will be displayed on the screen (you can turn this off in subsequent playthroughs). To simplify the options menu, the only battle mode that exists is "shift"

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