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Status: Online This is my first giveaway!:D,i have been like in the community for like 2 months and all i did was take but never give back...
So,i decided to start some giveaway to reutn to the coummunity :D,i would like to start off with something not so advance/useful yet to try out the system.
This Blissey is designed to be used for making the super secret base exp farming method(kindda outdated),A VIDEO of it(not made by me)
Would really aprreciate it you take one off my PC,either for making your base team or for your dex collection/other things :) Without further ado,here's the info of the Blissey:

Pokemon Level Gender Ability Nature Moveset IVs EVs Item Ball OT
  • Deposit something that won't get easily sniped or buried on GTS.
  • Do NOT deposit Starters,Scatterbug Evolution Line,Dittos,Eevees,LvL 1 Pokemon,Pokemon that evolve by being traded,Legendries and Shinies
  • Level lock and gender lock the requested Pokémon, if possible.
  • Change your GTS message to: SRD
  • State your IGN, and the level and gender of the Pokémon you deposited in the comments below
  • No reservations :(
  • Don't edit your comment,reply to your original comment if you needed to.
  • 1 Blissey per person

* Most Importantly Enjoy!

My Next Giveaway For Today:
1.PokePlaza Will be giving out "The Shiny Eon Duo"! In 1 hours time My Next Giveaway For Tomorrow: 1.Pokemongiveaway Will be giving out "Battle Mansion Ready Truant Durant"! Have a nice day and i'll hope to see you again!!! :D

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