Not everyone feels comfortable with white people and their shenanigans...

The word of the day is "openly racist".

People question how is it possible that racism openly existed in the passed and no one said anything? Well all you need is ignorance of history and some twisted rational to vilify a group of people. That's it.

Life is hard and the wide spread corruption of today's elites and politicians is nothing new and making most of our life's even harder. There is always a plot to blame some random group of people for the mismanagement of those in power and its always present in human history. White folks just become that escape goat for everything wrong in everyone's lives. You don't need everyone to believe that narrative for it to spread like a wild fire. You just need few loud voices spreading the narrative and most of the people simply staying quiet in fear of retribution. It gets even easier to manipulate mass perception in todays world of digital social media.

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