For all those businesses that immediately go to FB to say they're closing because "Nobody will work anymore"

A fun & super cute idea but I pay my drivers a minimum of $15/hr on top of commission. I pay their insurance. I fix it their trucks. I buy their lunch. I still have people work for a week and then they quit. They literally earn more than me. My top driver earned $182,000 last year and I scrape by using my personal money to make sure everyone gets paid what they deserve.

Especially now, things are not easy, not for you and certainly not for the 25+ people getting paid $15,000+ a month but we do what we can. Not every workplace is some billionaire playground. You might be thoroughly surprised at which companies are scraping by right now.

I empathize, but we're employing you. We're not the evil, devil, psychos Reddit and Twitter make us out to be.

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