Oakland’s Jack London Square is latest height-limit battlefield

This article is trash, and the anti-housing folk's arguments are even worse than usual:

If it’s constructed, the 293-foot-tall building would overshadow much of the bustling waterfront district. Some residents worry it will make Jack London look like an exclusive enclave.

The building is under 30 stories, and neighbors a parking garage, train tracks, and a commercial building. It's not going to overshadow anything. Fuck only knows what "mak[ing] Jack London look like an exclusive enclave" is supposed to mean.

“The prevailing character here is old and low,” said Ben Delaney, longtime president of the neighborhood’s volunteer Jack London District Association. He and other residents are struggling to preserve the grittier elements of an area once dominated by warehouses and produce merchants.

This is insane even by NIMBY standards-- an area already famous for higher-end tall condo buildings has an "old and low" character? Ah, but the next paragraph explains:

Delaney said he’s happy to see new residents and high-end retail move in, but he doesn’t believe that an economic growth spurt requires a burst in height. "We’re not antidevelopment,” he said. “We’re for appropriate development.” “Appropriate,” to Delaney, means low- and mid-rise buildings that won’t disrupt the existing waterfront architecture.

And there's the reveal--Ben actually welcomes 'high-end' shops replacing the 'grit'. He just wants to make sure there aren't any new towers to compete with, and slow the appreciation of, the existing condo units.

Just terrible.

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