Open Moderator Applications

  • Where are you from?

Spain, don’t currently live there.

  • What languages can you speak fluently?

Spanish, English, Galician/Portuguese.

  • What is your usual timezone?

US central.

  • Are you willing to use Slack and Toolbox?

Why not

  • Have you had previous experience as a mod inside or outside of reddit?


  • What do you think about the the current state of /r/europe? What do you like/dislike?

I love the series and the discussions in the sub.

  • What change would you make to /r/europe, if you could?

I would like to see more involvement from Europeans, like AMA’s or culture from the less active countries.

*?Why do you think you would be a good addition to the /r/europe mod team?

I am here a lot, I have time, and I have been living around the world so much I don’t really have a bias.

  • Do you think an Alfa Romeo is an average person's car?

Fiat’s bastard son?

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