Orange Insider: Dynamo/Dash News!

Always great to have more people writing on the Dynamo, offering their perspectives but I do have a few points of constructive criticism.

Make sure to edit your posts before they go live. I spotted a few grammatical errors (missed commas, capitalization, etc.) in your posts and I think that tends to turn the reader off. What I like to do when I write is read my stuff out loud as I edit. It forces me not to skip over words like I might do when I read in my head. That way, it's easier to spot what doesn't sound right, what's misspelled, and all of those other things that are pretty easy to prevent.

Work on the flow of your sentences a bit. Sometimes, it feels a bit disjointed when reading through and here or there you start consecutive sentences very similarly. If that happens, maybe think about how you could combine those sentences to make a very well-rounded thought. This is something that comes over time so I'd read anything you can on the team and pick up on how the best writers write. Look at Darrell Lovell, Tom Dart, the guys over at Generation Orange or some of us at Dynamo Theory. Houston is fortunate in that we have a lot of examples to read whereas other markets (like Colorado or Dallas) don't have as solid of a community for their writings.

I hope that at least helps get you started. When in doubt, just keep writing and writing. You may not realize it, but you'll be improving with each article you put out. When one of the fan sites opens up a position (like DynamoTheory or GenOrange), send them a sample and see if you can work on getting your stuff in front of a bigger audience.

Good luck!

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