I want a vanilla relationship but I can’t go without being dominated

Your entire post history is just you coming down on dudes for absolutely no reason. You show no support to men at all.

Moments ago you convinced me to leave this community because I pushed back against a narrative and you responded coming down on me as well, because you were afraid of what I would say in return.

You need to sacrifice a bit of your prestige and what you feel entitled to say to others on this sub and be more supportive and empowering to the submissive men.

Everyone knows that submissive men can behave in a toxic way to Dommes, and Dommes do the same to men but it's pretty clear that the so called "subs" that approach and deal with Dommes are pretty mediocre most of the time.

That being said, you're not encouraging balance by coming down on them. You , as a moderator, need to be pointing the way in the right direction and lifting the people who are struggling up when you communicate them.

Your entire post history history to be quite honest looks like butting in to defend Dommes against men and doing so at no risk to yourself because you're a mod. You can protect yourself from anyone talking back to you and that makes your influence one sided and stops you from experiencing criticism necessary for personal growth.

You're a pussy.

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