People who hate/dislike Furuya, can you explain why? Genuinely looking for a proper discussion

Okay but that ichidai had special circumstances. Furuya was the ace, the ace who shinned so brightly at koshien. He had become so immense in the team that he had more trust than either sawamura or kawakami. That was the one time in the entire series that he wasn't pulled out immediately. I agree at the moment he recieved special treatment but he had been special. Even teito coach pointed that seidou usually switched pitchers early so it was surprising that Furuya was left in that long, that it showed how much Furuya's importance to the team had grown. So I understood sawamura's frustration but it was expected. I don't get viewer's complaints that he was always treated differently from the start, he was coddled or never chastised or that sawamura was always treated more harshly. That's kinda why I'm so confused, cos I even watching the series again and I still don't get it. Sorry for the really long reply, I'm actually enjoying our conversation.

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