Phone tracking

So basically a few days ago, my apt was burgularized. I would have thought it was a random act if the person did not know where my hidden in home camera was (person covered face and immediately disconnected it within two min of entering) and came through the front door with a key they must have copied from my own.

No one else would have this access to my key in order to make a copy or knowledge of my camera, but on top of that, the person knew to come in the middle of the night when I SHOULD have been home sleeping since I had class 7 hours later. No one else would have known I would not be home or would come on the evening on a weekday.

And now I find myself trying to catch him using his own methods, wondering if I can somehow access his phone history to pinpoint him near my house at that time since he lives six hours driving distance and of course is denying involvement.

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