Post from a feminist blog explaining why Zoe Quinn is an abuser

Feminism comes in because it seems rather unlikely that the reaction of supposed feminists would have been the same had the genders been reversed.

I wouldn't be so sure, I'd say it appears that way because visible feminists are usually women. The drive to circle the wagons comes from being in the in-group, gender may play a role but I don't see feminists rushing to defend every woman from attack. As a matter of fact, I'd say a fair few feminists have shown a hypocritical indifference to sexist attacks leveled at women they don't like.

I dont see anything wrong with pointing out abusive behaviour, personally. I dont buy the "he wanted to warn others not to date her"-excuse either, but I also do not have a problem with people that are victims of abuse openly talking about that. I also dont think that the real life consequences or feelings of the abusive person in question really matter. If somebody doesnt want to deal with said consequences they shouldnt be abusive.

Ironically for Gamergate/KiA to be so up in arms over, in GG parlance, "SJWs" this is pretty much textbook "SJW" behavior. Someone do something you find personally egregious? Name and shame; it doesn't matter if they actually did it, if the punishment fits the crime, if you leave the person's life in complete shambles, or even if you leave them with no life at all. The point isn't about it isn't justice or healing, it's to take joy in the suffering of someone you've all agreed you don't like.

There are certainly are behaviors that deserve to be socially stigmatized, but that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about a guy whipping a mob into a frenzy, whose desire is to inflict as much suffering on the target as possible. The line varies on who the person is; some people probably just want to see her life in shambles with her career ruined and a red letter A stitched onto her clothes. Some others, in all certainty a tiny minority, would probably like to see her dead or raped as punishment. That's the scary thing about mobs though, you get them going after the town witch and you don't know which ones are just going to chase her or which ones are going to smash her head in with a rock. You only need the one person to do something really egregious, you can't unmurder someone afterall.

Regardless, the amount of suffering she's obviously endured at this point does not fit what she's accused of. Even if she was emotionally abusive, if she fucked her way to good review scores, if she's single-handedly ruining video games the reaction is still disproportionate. Even if she were actually a rapist and a murderer the responsible thing to do is let the legal-system handle it, rather than trying to try people in the court of public opinion and administer punishment yourself.

For god's sake, we're talking about a lackwit whose grand plan for getting 4chan to simmer the fuck down was to go on an IRC channel and answer questions about her weight.

Hes in the legal trouble hes in because appearantly getting restraining orders is incredibly easy in the US.

Oh spare me; Quinn was granted a temporary restraining order, I don't know the precise details but for our purposes the only thing that matters is that Gjoni was ordered not to discuss Quinn or the case online. They were given a court date, where Gjoni would be able to present his case and dispute the merits of the protection order filed against him. Between the time he was informed and the time of his court date Gjoni violated the order twice. In one instance he publicly discussed on it a podcast with King of Pol, including dropping details about her new boyfriend, which got him another day in court as a result. In another instance, he blabbed about his intent to release every detail of the court case in exchange for GG funding his legal defense.

His day in court didn't go well for him. With one violation under his belt already the judge decided he didn't like that latter part very much, and thought it sounded like intimidation. How might I know the details of this case? It's simple! Gjoni, being the brightest crayon of all possible boxes, thought to himself that he needs to play this whole thing smart. He stands accused of blabbing to the internet to keep people interested in harassing his ex, so obviously he needs to just blab a little more to set the record straight and convince everyone she's a conniving bitch. So what does our smart-thinker do? He instructs a friend of his to post the details of his court date to KiA, violating his restraining order by proxy. I don't know if that's got him yet another court date, but I wouldn't be surprised.

He seems to have actually shut the fuck up about it though, so maybe he's learning? Do you see my point though? Gjoni isn't in trouble because the law worked as intended, he's in trouble because he has poor impulse control.

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