Prom mega thread!

My Prom story! in a thread almost a month old!

Prom season was coming up, and I was looking for a date. I was going to ask this one girl, but someone got to her first. No worries, I will just find another one. Got a no from her. Alright then I will just find another one! Everyone I know that wants to go has a date. While I was looking for said date, a friend told me "Oh My God! I got the perfect girl for you! Her name is "Jane" (not saying her real name for privacy reasons) a junior who is really cute." Running out of options I tell her "Alright, let me meet this girl." Next day comes and we meet for five minutes and schedule to go get coffee. The day comes around where we get coffee and I find out that she is really cool! She likes some of the same stuff that I do, and she is really nice! We make it final that we are going together, and everything is going well. Until the day comes around. Prom night is here, and I think everything is going well. She looks happy in the pictures, very beautiful to the point where people were asking me "You got that? Nice!" and everything goes well, until we get to the hotel where Prom was being hosted. She seemed very disinterested when meeting my friends, and very just bored. The tables get opened up and she's on her phone most of the time while everyone else is talking. Dinner comes, and after she eats her food, back to phone. I asked her about it, and she was like "I'm just texting my mom" Yea bullshit I saw the screen and Instagram doesn't look like texting your mom. Anyway back to topic. Dinner is done, and I tell her I am going to go say hi to some friends and that she should come with. She doesn't come, i know surprising. I go meet them, and talk with them because I haven't seen them in years, catching up and having a good time. The music starts playing, and my first thought is that i need to find Jane! So i look for her, unable to find her, so I ask around, and they say that they will help me look for her. Half an hour later, I finally found her! we started dancing kinda next to each other, but she is slowly walking back away. First slow song comes on, and she makes excuses that she doesn't want to dance until the song ends then runs straight into the crowd again. I lose her again, and my dumb ass goes back into looking for her. Find her, then another slow song hits. I ask her to dance, and her response was "Ugh fine." We get to the dance floor, and she starts 7th grading the dancing (arms all the way out and looking all ways but your date on purpose) which I thought "ok, shes doing this now, maybe she won't on the next one." The final hour approaches, and she keeps avoiding me. That is when I just said fuck it and couldn't care less where she was or what she was doing, and I had a blast! It was some of the most fun I had in such a long time! The music was great, the people were having fun, and everyone was just letting loose! Then the final slow song came on, and I thought "Well, time to try one more time with Jane" I ask her to dance, and she flat out says "No". I am speechless. This girl who I was told was the nicest person on the planet, decides to turn mean for a night. I was used as a way to get inside. When you agree to go to prom with someone there are some things that happen like slow dancing and being together, but none of those things happened. All I could do was say "ok", walk away, and sit at a table while everyone else was with their dates, happy. That is the one thing I wanted to leave the night feeling, happy. Instead I felt used and thrown away, just as an entry pass. Fuck you "Jane". You almost ruined this guy's night, one that he is supposed to remember for the rest of his life. I don't usually mean it when I say this, but Fuck You, and I really hope you had a great time, but I sure as hell didn't while I was around you. TL;DR: Fuck you "Jane". You almost ruined this guy's prom by agreeing to go with him, and then throwing him away like trash. Sometimes things are too good to be true.

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