The pvp scaling feels right.

I'm not max level, there is scaling, and I do pvp every day. What are you even complaint about? You're gonna get bopped by people higher level and better than you. It happens. That doesn't mean everyone should be equal all the time.

You've again misconstrued how tab target games work. Maybe you only play FFXIV so you've never had a true pvp experience in tab target. It's not hitting the ability that's difficult (skillshots btw tho? Forgetting about those I guess), it's knowing what ability and when to hit it. That's much more difficult than looking and shooting at something. Like you said cod is point in click. I can run kids up all day in cod like everyone else. We all play on a mouse, aiming isn't hard.

You aren't including progression at all though. If everyone is the same the whole time they level, there is no progression. There's nothing to strive for at endgame pvp. Just a "hooray I hit cap, now what? Oh I just do the same thing I've been doing." Gear becomes meaningless there's no point to craft or get new armor ever.

Progression and endgame are different. I'm not pushing for endgame only content, but progressing to endgame is extremely fun. With 100% scaling it loses the fun factor. It's just a level slog for no reward.

This game is also very much a traditional MMO. It's literally ESO, Albion, ans RuneScape thrown into a crucible and turned into this. It's got all the tropes of traditional MMOs. Even the map itself is basically ESOs Cyrodiil system with minor tweaks.

You're trying to take an mmo and make it into some weird sandbox mashup and that's not what the game is.

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