Question: So I'm holding 100 million Shiba Inu is anyone else taking out and diversifying into other coins or stocks suggestions please?

I'm teaching my son the value of HODL, with any investment. We build a tech stock portfolio 4 years ago when he was 13 with $1,000. Now it is up 600% at about $7,000. The most important lessons are to invest early and hold long. We invested in AMZN, AMD, AAPL, TSLA, NFLX, NVDA etc. Some are fractional shares. Basically all tech companies with competitive advantages, otherwise known as "moats." My crypto portfolio is similarly diversified, but SHIB is the riskiest one of the lot. We also bought a LOT of land (size of small country) for about $500/acre and it's now worth $1,300/acre post covid since people want out of cities. I have a great day job with a pension, own a company, a big house, etc. So, SHIB is a long shot with play money. If it goes to zero, oh well. There's probably a greater chance it goes to zero than there is that I will make millions. Other crypto projects I like are: SOL, DOT, MATIC, XRP, ADA, GALA, UNI, AVAX, AAVE, & ALGO. Crypto with utility. My only mutual fund is the ContraFund, with > 30% interest for last three years. But, as mentioned previously my son and I are doing over 100% interest in his custodial stock account. With crypto, my goal is an order of magnitude greater gains in the 1000% + realm. I can hold for a decade. But if they all go to zero, meh...was worth a shot! I would not be caught dead buying an asset that depreciates like a lambo. Only thing that attracks are grifters, leeches that will siphon off all your money. We're already rich by most standards, I'm just investing in crypto for the possibility of multi-generational wealth, primarily so I can buy even more land. None of this should be considered investment's just what has worked for me & is what I'm teaching my son. Wish I had learned all this decades ago. Maybe the OP or one of you reading this will be inspired. Oh, Dividend "aristocrats" are ok, but best to buy after you have money because it takes about $2 million in safe DIV stocks to generate about $60k/ year.

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