How did you survive a heavily pregnant wife?

“Heavily pregnant,” meaning near term? “Hormonal,” meaning the vast and unending chemical, physical and physiological changes happening to her to support the life and growth of your child?

Your stress levels aren’t unworthy but you’re not providing a lot of context. Is she voicing her stress and other complaints to you and receiving a response of what is stressing you out?

Effective communication has to start with acknowledgement, validation, problem solving, contributions and concessions. I’m a woman but if I say “Hey Husband, X Y Z and I’m really having a hard time with this and that.” And his response is “Yeah well I have problems too.” It’s just adding stress for both of us. Deal with what’s at hand then ask for time and space be created to discuss other matters to help you both.

Because if you think “heavily pregnant” is bad, wait till it’s on the outside, screaming for 3 months straight at you both while you’re sleep deprived and her hormones plummet. You need to brace the moment for what it is. An extraneous circumstance. Don’t let your wife bringing your child into the world ruin your marriage.

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