[R/F]Custom deck for local tournaments.

So, I don't want to discourage you at all. I enjoy seeing rogue decks like this. It's refreshing when most of what you see is meta, you know? But this deck doesn't sound too good when it comes to a locals setting.

First, Normal Monsters. We all love our vanilla creatures, but unless you're playing a deck that revolves around one like Blue-Eyes White Dragon, there's usually better options than them.

Second, I notice that a lot of your cards are situational and will lead to you going negative in card advantage. The secret to winning a game lies in maintaining card advantage. If you have more cards, you have more resources to pull from, and therefore have a higher chance of beating your opponent. Cards like Obelisk and Double Summon sound good, but what if your opponent activates something to stop those cards? You just went minus and have no way to respond. Or cards like the Barrier Statue and Orichalcos, what if they do more harm than good and cost you the game? It's just very situational and that's what leads to bricks.

When it comes to Synchro decks, depending on what you're playing it can get pretty pricey. But there are some budget alternatives. A good thing to keep in mind is that Synchro decks love Instant Fusion and Elder Entity Norden if you can use them, because it helps to go into more plays. They also love cards that get their Tuners to the field, like One for One, and cards that allow them to set up their board, like Soul Charge.

I think a good place to start is to ask what your favorite Synchro monster is since you seem dead set on making a Synchro based deck. From there you can look into decks that utilize it, and build decks that can summon it with ease with more options. If you'd like I can help.

At the end of the day just don't let anyone discourage you and use their criticism to better your deck.

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