Jaish al-Islam footage of taking out dozens of SAA soldiers near Brigade 39 in Eastern Ghouta

Everything you described would make a perfect sense for staging a [b]believable[/b] POW execution except for calling in SAA armour. But since there is no 'burning BMP' (or any SAA armour) in the video, I think that your last point is very shady. Even in the last video shot of the dead bodies there is no 'burning BMP', so your assumption that this attack was accompanied by SAA armour sounds really weird. And, yes, I've seen the tweet you've cited below but there is no indication of simultaneous occurence of these events and since it's an active frontline, SAA armour can easily be hit somehwere close to this execution's ground. Your 'armour' argument would make some sense if we had a proven synchronic coincidence of using armour and mowing down soldiers and since we have this video it won't be that hard for you to prove your version with this sort of evidence (that won't be a hard proof for 'it was a battle, not an execution' point nevertheless since SAA command could easily send some armour if they've heard intense volleys of fire near their positions) but, as far as I can guess, we have no indications of such synchronism.

I would be very grateful if you can explain me why SAA soldiers haven't fired a bullet towards the direction of close incoming fire even when they were laying on the ground. It is possible for a couple of them to run unexpectedly into flank ambush and get routed in a similar manner but why all the others do the exact same mistake when they've seen the fate of their comrades. They see the general direction of the very close incoming fire and they don't make an attempt for some 'spray and pray' even when they lay on the ground and try to take cover. It would be such a logical and natural thing to execute for them: while laying down, to do some 'spray and pray' in the general direction of incoming fire hoping that it will disrupt enemie's firing consistency and then try to run into cover.

I'm a wheelchair general myself but people I know who were under fire told me that the first thing, almost impulsive, which you do when you hear the bullets flying around, is shooting instinctively in what you think is the direction of the incoming fire. Untrained conscripts tend to shoot hysterically in these situations and can risk running out of ammo rapidly. But here these soldiers don't try to open a fire at all. Why should they behave in such a suicidal manner if they have ammo in their rifles?

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