The Redskins only win came against a team that is actively tanking...BY ONE POINT. STOP WORRYING

The reason the Bills scored that many points, was because Jerry Hughes alone had 13(!!!) pressures, and Lorenzo Alexander had 9 (!!). After the Bills successful opening drive, we got strip sacked twice in a row, both recovered by the Bills inside our 25. A field goal and another touchdown from the Bills made it 17-0. Bills had another successful long drive, and another field goal, making it 27-0 before half.

The offense was absolutely smothered, and the Defense couldn't do it all by themselves, being absolutely winded because they couldn't get off the field. The Bills won convincingly because of our turnovers. With our new offensive scheme, along with the Redskins having a bad defense, I really don't see it happening with the Redskins. I could be wrong though.

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