So in relation to the 250 words post, anyone want to post the first 250 words of their novel?

TITLE: WIP. GENRE: Fantasy. WORDS: 282.

Hilt couldn’t believe that people actually lived like this, so confined and restricted. She’d arrived in the city barely an hour before and was still having trouble coming to terms with her surroundings. The journey itself had not been especially arduous once she got the hang of traveling by ship, there had been the initial few days of seasickness, but she eventually adjusted. Her horse, Full-Sprint, had a more miserable time however. At first he’d been excited by the constant supply of hay and various fruits and vegetables, but once the ship had cast off it was clear that he was not a horse that enjoyed being confined to such a small area for an extended period of time.

The horse was a huge, white, fussy bastard of a thing who couldn’t stand anything slower than a run and kept trying to convince Hilt that she should let him. A horse that used to running freely across the land was never going to enjoy being kept below the deck of a dwarven fishing and transport ship. But it was the quickest way for them to reach Koryal Ruskal, so there was little choice in the matter. They could have been dropped off at the border between Hynyezemryae and Frár Andail, but the ride from the Dwarf lands to the elven capital would have taken weeks by horse, and from what Hilt had learned, the mass migration that was taking place made the journey far too hazardous. So, instead of the days journey it would take them to travel to the Dwarven Divide, they instead opted for the two week journey along the warm summer currents directly to the Koryal Ruskal docks themselves.

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