Releasing emotions faster/better

Sometimes I feel that I deserve to be angry. Perhaps no one in the room will challenge me, or I feel that they(bystanders) also needed to hear my righteous fury. Or maybe you are alone with the offendant and therefore you can be as toxic as you want. Or any other situation where the stars aligned in your favor, you feel you are compelled to spew your pent up frustation. There is no consequence, the moment is right.
At moments like this, I would remember that I had made a promise to myself not to be angry ever again. And i would recall that 'this is it. This exact scenario is what that promise is for."

I found that I get angry when I perceive that my action will be free from consequence, either from isolation, or from being '''right'''. And then I'll remind myself that this is not only not an exception, but this is the exact moment i should be extremely careful with myself.

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