338 words A post about a marriage on the brink, real kindness, and rejecting the red pill. 282 words How can I use stoicism to not be bitter about my past? 288 words Be selective with your thoughts 144 words Epicurus is NOT stoic, but this quote is. 186 words A perfect Stoic iPhone wallpaper, Don't you think? 140 words Am I misunderstanding Stoicism? (Criticism) 167 words Am I misunderstanding Stoicism? (Criticism) 999 words Can you be stoic regarding your closest ones, your family members (as a parent or as a child) and your close friends, and be outcome independant? Seems hard. 124 words The term “emotional/social vampire” comes to mind in regards to this. I.e. people who do a favour and expect something owed in return. 139 words "Trust yourself and do your job as a human being." - How to be a better Stoic this week (PEotW) May 29 - June 4) 163 words Conflict 238 words In Meditations, why does Marcus say things negatively about books? 146 words Parents who are interested in raising their kids to think like a stoic, what do you think of the Inuit approach? 220 words Stoic perspective on when it's a good time to cut ties with life long friends? 312 words How do you get past embarrassing memories? 167 words Releasing emotions faster/better 137 words Mike Tyson once said "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face." Have you ever had your stoicism tested by getting the proverbial "punch" that life often dishes out? Please share your experiences, both positive and negative. 260 words The Epicureans never stated that "Pleasure is the greatest good." The Stoics & Cicero made that up. 223 words Stoicism Works 199 words What was your first "thank you Stoicism" moment?