Spent all Xmas Day being annoyed that a friend didn't respond to my merry Christmas message

Sorry that happened to you. I imagine it felt cruddy. I had a similar experience, 20+ year friendship, no response to Christmas wishes yesterday, and I caught myself ruminating about it. She has left me hanging a lot over the past eight years. She tells me she loves me, but she treats me like I'm unimportant to her. It hurts my feelings. Today I deleted her contact info. I'm done reaching out. We had a nice friendship for 12 years and one I was unsatisfied with for 8 years. Now I am accepting that our friendship cycle is complete. I did manage to shift my perspective to the friends who reached out to me and those who responded to my warm wishes. It's a much nicer mental space. Just going to forgive my old friend as I forget her.

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