I want a response from Elysium on this.

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GRIZZLY - Ragnaros - Nostalrius 8 - Are you guys dense? Do you really need to complain about everything? Why don't you actually watch the video of the old nost server first and tell me just how great the scripting was, you DIDN'T EVEN NEED A TANK. It seems everyone has the nostalgi...
(1) THE BLIZZARD RANT (2) Open Letter to Blizzard Entertainment from Mark Kern 1 - Here's a sneak peek of /r/wowservers using the top posts of the year! #1: The Birth of Legacy: Nostalrius Returns #2: THE BLIZZARD RANT by JonTron 86 comments #3: Mark Kern's message to Mike Morhaime regarding the Legacy Server petition (video uplo...
old guild raid molten core 2005 1 - earliest ragnaros vid i could find, shitload of t0 detected

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