Alliance Raid Roulette (@The_Eggroller)

The roulette called "Alliance Raids" in the duty roulette section of the duty finder isn't a roulette for Alliance Raids. The not-roulette which includes a variety of raids that someone could be put into isn't there to provide variety. Nope. Just there for CT raids. I can't fathom why the other raids are there honestly.

Could it possibly be that the not-roulette was supposed to provide random variety, but CT raids being made mandatory for MSQ progress in patch 5.3 resulted in the topical problem where there's a disproportionately high chance of being put into CT raids over every other alliance raid, detracting from the original variety the roulette provided?

No, clearly the roulette- which isn't a roulette btw it's just called that- exists purely for the sake of filling queues on CT raids and not to provide variety. Filling CT queues and not providing variety was the intention from the start when the not-roulette was added in patch 4.1. It all makes perfect sense, how could I have been so blind to this undeniable truth? God, I wonder why they don't call it the Crystal Tower roulette. Can't fathom honestly.

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