Rogue quest broken AF. Calling it right now. If they don't nerf this or it becomes Tier 0 deck, I will eat a sock.

I'm not seeing it. Here me out: I fully plan to play it (I only play rogue), but having fought it more than a few times on ladder, I have yet to lose to it. Is it the fact that I'm playing tempo jade rogue? I have no idea, but so far all I've done is keep their board clear.

Up until turn 5, when they can actually play the quest for no tempo and at a loss, or turn six where they might throw out a charge, the plays are subpar with them spamming minions that generally do nothing but die to a dagger or whatever trash is on the board. If they waste turns clearing, then that is a turn in which they are not playing to the decks potential. I have really had no issue consistently winning turn six or seven.

Still, as someone else said in the thread (I can't be arsed to look, so whoever you are, cheers to you) the deck is going to be optimised at some point. I've basically found every deck I've fought to use the exact same cards as the ones posted in the OP, and it might very well be that powerful at that point.

And as a rogue main, I guess I win either way, huh?

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