RWF Reloaded: RJ Supernova vs Christopher Steel

The camera settles on a beat up truck parked on the top of a hill. Sitting alone in the flatbed of the truck is Supernova, lost in thought and staring at the stars. After a deep breath, he hops down to where he set up the camera, leaning on the back of the vehicle.

RJ: "It's felt like forever since I've had the chance to do this. I can't speak for the rest of the guys, but I didn't know what to do with myself without the RWF. I was never really good at holding down a 9-5, and I don't exactly fit in well in an office setting. Plus, the reality is no one wants to hire a diagnosed schizophrenic to work in their warehouse.

The last few months, I haven't known what to do with myself. I've been running out of cash, running out of ideas, hell, I've been running just to try and stay in wrestling shape. I mean, I did a couple small indy shows out here in California, but those come and go, and the money with them.

Those shows also never felt like home to me. I mean, I've been running all my life. I ran from my home in New York out here to the west coast. Ran from family, relationships, and everything I knew to pursue my crazy notion of this career. I ran and ran until I stumbled into the RWF, and I finally, finally had a true home.

And I thought my home was gone forever, until Troy got in touch with me saying we were coming back. And even then, I didn't even believe it was true until I saw the press release, and....and...

RJ pauses. His gaze gets distant. The smile the was building up as he began talking about the return curls into a snarl

"You know, it was funny, reading the press release, the part that talks about the rematch of the greatest moment in my career, vs. Chris Steel. It tells of I, RJ Supernova, the conscience of the RWF, vs. former RWF champion Chris Steel.

That's funny, because he's not the only former RWF champion in that match. For God's sake, I beat him for the title. I pinned his shoulder's to the mat one,two,three. My hand was raised at the end of that match. I went home feeling invincible, like the literal king of the world.

And then the first shutdown happened. And when we came back, I didn't get handed my title back, like Harshaw is. They threw it into a tournament that I was screwed out of, and I haven't had a shot at it since. No one beat me, no one made me tap, hell I can't even remember the last time that I was beaten by anyone, yet it's not my face featured on the marquee, and I don't have my belt.

I guess I'm just not what the powers that be want as their champion. Well you know what? I may not have mystical powers, or corporate backing, or Hollywood acting chops, but I do have what no one else here can match, my unbeatable, unbreakable wrestling skill, and my drive to be the best.

So season three, you all better hope I'm not the conscience of this company. Because apparently, the only way for me to get my message across is eliminating all of you, so they have no choice but to put me in my rightful spot at the top. And I'll be building a ladder of all your broken bodies to climb the ranks with.

It starts at Reloaded by stomping out Chris Steel, and whoever draws a dead man's hand by getting into the triple threat with me. And it doesn't stop until I get what is mine."

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