S21E2 - Bend or Blockbuster - Discussion Thread

It wasn't stolen from South Park half the scene was a reference to the ending of The Birds which came out in the 1960s and South Park didn't invent Magats or Repunlicans. I fail to see what South Park has to do with a movie and a political party that both predate South Park by 60 years. On top of itches was the best dunk any show has taken 9n Magats yet. Nor only that but South Park doesn't make fun of Republicans they only make fun of Liberals because Matt Stone and Trey Parker thinking making fun of Republicans is overdone and played out despite the fact that Shin Chan and Family Guy being the only 2 sitcoms in the history of cable cartoon sitcoms that have genuinely dumped on Republicans for being Nazis. Matt Stone and Trey Parker ARE literally lowkey Republicans them selves. I kinda hope those 2 immature little fucks flip their car.

If South park made fun of Republicans more than Liberals Maga wouldn't be a thing but no everybody thinks liberals are a joke thanks to shit like South park. Oh no, liberals are so bad, they stormed are capitol and wanna take woman's rights away and jail trans kids and their Republicans. Want disabled people to be executed,, and want people over the age of 50 to be homeless by default by taking welfare away. Oh wait, thats republicans AKA the AmeriKKKlan Nazi Party.

If more cartoons made fun of Republicans for being the nazis and literal cult they are instead of constantly being offended by liberals fighting for eqaulity and trying to constantly own the libs like south Park does, liberals wouldn't have the stupid fucking dramatic snowflake presence society has given them. Yeah because being intolerant to intolerance makes you worse than a Nazi Matt and Trey need to flip their fucking car already. South Parks rhetoric caused people to constantly dunk on liberals, meanwhile ACTUAL Nazis are at the head of the Republican Party. They had Hitler 2.0 speak at Coac but Matt Stone and Trey Parker just can't get over how offended they are by liberals fighting against home grown American Nazis.

Quite frankly I hope those 2 clowns flip their car or make a suicide part one day. I used to love South park but Shin Chan is 10000x better than South Park because Shin Chan never rips on liberals for being liberals and unrelentingly rips into Republicans for being the Nazis that they actually literally fucking are.

Fuck South Park. Immature show for cave trolls and autistic people without morals who don't wanna grow up. I won't forgot how much antisemitism my friends had to put up with in the early 2000s in middle and high school thanks to South park desensitizing the US and a third of the world to Jew jokes. Matt Stone and Trey Parker need to be called out already by other animators like Lauren Bouchard and Brandon Small on ignoring the shit Republicans do to rip on liberals when liberals are the only ones fighting for democracy.

By going out of their way to paint liberals in a bad light for over 20 years while never dunking on Republicans with the same level of passion. Its clear that Matt Stone and Trey Parker more than likely voted Trump. I sure as fuck couldn't picture them voting for Hillary and if they really are secret low key Republicans, they need to be forcibly outed and their career needs to be over. This isn't a joke anymore. Those type of people are the reason my aunt Terry had to raise her rapists sperm as a pet and why its now a 40 year old homeless man on welfare.

The time to be nice to hypocritcal cunts like Matt Stone and Trey Parker is long over. Time to grow the fuck up. South park hasn't been funny since like season 6 anyways.

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