Sad but true.

Yey. Math. I have not been on a successful date with a girl since I was 22 & was incapable of fluffing wamin since that age all the while. Still am to this day...

I don't know what happened for my relationships to not even start or why. I end up reaching around ±330 dates. ⅓ of them sat & chit chatted a little, but it would become awkward for them & I in little time flat, so we couldn't get ourselves to see each other again; another ⅓-¼ of them were not happy with what they saw, & thought that I would not have a lot of gray hair (BTW, my hair was graying starting at 14 years old, & would fluctuate gray density depending on stress levels); the rest were fucking just in it for a free meal, which I don't understand. If the lady came on a date, she would have the economic common sense to cover her half of the total meal, not have me pay for it all. And then sometimes they wanted me to buy other stuff from Mall vendors (I'm not a money tree. Anybody else would know. It's an old phrase that even you (might) know).

So that's my dating history since year 22 in a fossilized nutshell.

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