SatLauncher Official Development Thread

Flying Notes: (Aimed at the SLV rev2 and onwards)

Stage 0: (SRBs)

Not all variants are equipped with them, but they require special attention when flying them.
During the initial SRB Burn the ship will briefly pass under a 1.0 TWR due to the unique thrust curve that the SRBs posses. This will last for around 12 seconds - do not panic, it occurs at around 30 seconds in, and so you will need to keep the ship vertical until higher up to compensate. The ship will continue to gain height, and this will lead to a lower loss to atmospheric drag as a result, without severely damaging the later ascent profile. As such, accelerate to around 120m/s before slowly pitching to 10 degrees and then beginning your gravity turn (you ought to reach 10 degrees prograde at roughly 180m/s in my tests).

Stage 1: (Main Engines)

The main engines will need to be ignited prior to the SRBs burning out, so keep an eye on the acceleration of the craft - the next set of engines is throttle-able, so be sure to try and keep the TWR at a reasonable level. Do not let them go out, as they are not re-igniteable. Towards the end of the main engine burn, the TWR will increase significantly unless you throttle down, keep in mind that you do not want the engines to go out - I would suggest keeping TWR somewhere in the 3-4 region for ease of flying. Jettison the fairing after the ship ceases accelerating. I have had some problems with spinning up the ship during my tests, so it may be better to remain rotationally stable and wait a few seconds after jettisoning before igniting the engines.

Stage 2: (Upper Engines)

This stage is very easy to use and has little that can be done - ignite when ready (but it must be during separation from the previous stage), and then burn until they are done, there is no throttle and they cannot be re-ignited.

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