Seeking Ben Davis Unlined Mechanics Jacket (See comment for further information)

As the title indicates, I'm seeking a Ben Davis Unlined Mechanics Jacket. I used to own two of said jacket, but both were either lost or destroyed over the past decade, and I'm sorely missing 'em.

I've directly contacted Ben Davis in addition to local surplus stores inquiring after my desired threads; unfortunately, Ben Davis confirmed that they are no longer making this particular jacket, so I'm resorting to something either used or similar in style. I have occasionally searched here and there online over the years, but only came across a used version once on eBay; however, the size was off.

The most important aspect of this jacket to me is that it is unlined. For better or worse, there are countless outlets selling Ben Davis Mechanics Jackets, but with what has become the standard 100% polyester quilted lining, and that just ain't for me.

If anyone has any leads on said jacket or something similar, I would be incredibly grateful for your assistance.

Thank you!

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