[Serious] Honest opinions of what changes have been thus far released about MM 3D.

Wow, everyone has some gripe with a change that was made and they haven't even played it for one second yet. I understand that things were changed in certain ways and elements were added, but the thing to remember is that all these changes were made very deliberately for balancing issues. Perhaps they foresaw a massive wave of complaints from gamers' lost data with the old saving method due to the portable nature of this game, maybe they viewed zora swimming as overpowered (it's not like Goron rolling doesn't also consume magic), and maybe the Sheikah Stone hints and revamped bombers notebook were both added to remove frustration for new confused gamers that would otherwise quickly write this gem off like they did last time. How many times to I see, "I never got into Majora's Mask because I got lost and didn't like it" on this subreddit?


Nintendo knows that happened too, hence the added clues for side quests and built-in video walkthroughs. It's a shame some people need their hands held when playing these titles, but the more people that complete this game, reunite Kafei and Anju, see the glorious offbeat ending, and become fans of the series (and particularly this darker title) the better. More overall fans equals more attention and focus on new Zelda titles, possibly even darker themed ones, and for me, at least, that's a great thing!


Yes, this game is different, that's the point. It's a remake, not a remaster or retexture. It is supposed to be a different experience than the first time around; otherwise you would just download Majora's Mask on the Wii Virtual Console, or better yet, play it on the N64, as Kafke mentioned. I have loved this title since it came out when I was ten years old, have played through it countless times, and I can easily say that I am beyond excited for this release. Yeah, I see things that were added or changed that make me uneasy or uncomfortable, but honestly, I'm holding off all my concerns or complaints until I actually get to play the game firsthand. Afer that I can put in my two cents. This is a new version in a new dimension (3D) and will be a new adventure with a genrous helping of nostalgia sprinkled on top. I am stoked! Rant over lol

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