Shion’s prank on Tsubasa

Wow, people truly have become delicate, and in this cold world, that’s a very dangerous status quo to set. How, praytell, is beginning with, “What kind of prank is this?” offensive or condescending in any way? First of all - I’m critiquing Shion and Tsubasa and whoever their social media managers are, not YOU, or anyone else reading this (was it your prank?). The fact that you read, “What kind of prank is this?” and your first reaction is to feel offended and affronted is disturbing. It suggests self-centeredness, insecurity, and unwillingness to hear different opinions. The death of discourse and debate is a dark cloud gathering above all of us it would seem, and the consequences may be dire.

But ignoring all of this, it was a low-effort shitty prank (actually it wasn’t even a “prank” at all - it was someone standing in a hall and saying hey to someone who was walking away from them) that did not merit being whored out for PR and Instagram likes and shared with the world with the giant hashtag #PRANK. And it saddens me that everyone here, fans of an often-intelligent and poignant TV show, eat it up blindly without ever stopping to think about whether this was clever, interesting, or even necessary. And when someone does have the nerve to think for themself and say so, everyone else just says, “omg shut up, you’re pretentious and condescending - Shion and Tsubasa are adorable!!!”.

It’s very disheartening to me.

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