It should not be so easy to De-Rank in this game

Same, my rank for act 2 is plat 2, I won something like 20 games in a row and only ranked up twice. I then go on an insane losing streak that literally boggles my mind, just hit gold 2 and I can't even be bothered to try anymore. Most of them I was at least even k/d or team mvp. So many people quitting the game early leaving it 4 v 5, or people not understanding basic pushing tactics, trading, holding angles. It's like they've never played a fps before and I literally feel like having a nervous breakdown when someone says 'don't be so serious I'm having fun'. If you want to have fun go and play unrated. The key is in the name - COMPETITIVE. The ranking system just feels completely unfair at this point like there is literally nothing more I can do to help my team mates. I can't carry EVERY SINGLE game for them it gets so tiring. Judge us on some other metric like our damage per game or combat score.

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