Since we launched our v2 #Cryptocurrency #MiningPool for back in October 2022 we have paid our miners the equivilent of $55,244.66 USD using today's exchange prices. May you all find more blocks and wish you much prosperity!

I invested $83,000 on bitcoin, believing I will receive 40% interest after 3 weeks of investing in a binary option where a broker will trade on my behalf and send my profit, I was unable to reach the broker, he blocked my number and ran away with my Really terrible how they operate, I’ve been a victim also of such a scheme I was lucky to have come across this company Tech trust tool on Instagram, they have an official website also Tech trust tool . com , they confiscated my scammed crypto from the scammers, an amazing job done honestly. Fortunately, I was referred to this company they’re professional programmers who helped me recover all my money that the scammers took from me, they’re also on Instagram Tech trust tool with 30,000+ followers.

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