Shat myself.

lol. well. i lived over an hour from there so home wasn't an option. the objective at that point was to make it to the cab of my truck with as little of attention as possible, ok since i've gotten you this far im gonna tell the story lol. i was about 30 at the time and single and like 3 days before this i had struck up a convo there with a lady i was interested in, turns out she was interested in me too, great! well she picked up mail for her company too every day and was due to be there any minute, so time was of the essence to get gone. so i put my dirty clothes in one of those white u.s. mail totes and waited for my opportunity, and i bolted bare assed and pecker flailing about out of the trailer and across the dock into the busy parking lot, im not sure if i made it unseen but im 100% sure all my secrets was on security cam. i managed to clean my shorts a little but my boxers and shirt were trashed, so i just rednecked it into a walmart in this major texas city with no shirt on and obvious huge stain on my ass and picked up a new set of duds... mind you i take valium for a reason, this scenario was a fucking nightmare but my back was against the wall. this wasn't an isolated incident, almost everyday was a gamble, and that day i lost. but overcame... now i have a shit myself story that tops most others all about me and my bare pecker in some kswiss in public

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