Sister talks crap behind my back then throws fit when I won't buy her gas/cigs anymore once I catch her.

My sister smokes. Now that's not great to start with but on top of this she smokes a Very Expensive brand of cigarettes where we live. Each pack is almost $10. (that's pricey here, as cheap packs are like $4). I didn't really care about this when she had a job because, how she spends her paycheck (at least the parts not being used to care for her kids ) isn't really my business. But, she just quit her job - yeah DURING the current times. This happened a month or so ago because she said, and I quote, "I don't wanna deal with that b\*ch boss of mine anymore*", and was coasting on the money she had saved. Well now she's run out of money (shocker) and instead of looking for another job she's instead going to try selling her car...........

But in the meantime she's broke with no way to buy cigarettes. I don't smoke so she can't bum anything off me, but our mom smokes so Sis could technically bum a couple off her but she doesn't because mom smokes "those crappy cheap" cigarettes. No she wants Her brand of cigarettes. Apparently, she's never heard the term 'beggars can't be choosers'. So she's been in a crappy mood for a full week because she can't afford her expensive cigarettes, won't accept any 'cheap' ones, and none of us are coughing up $10 to buy her a pack she'll blow through in maybe a week.

But today I'd had enough of her crappy attitude and decided to do her a favor. I said if she would go through the 'Place A' drive-thru for me so I could get us all some food (her kids included) then I'd help her get some gas and a pack of cigarettes. She eagerly agreed but rejected my offer to get her any food. And 'Place A' wasn't open yet (it was like 9:30am and they opened after 10am) so she'd have to wait til they opened. Then she sorta paused and asked if I really wanted food from 'Place A' and not 'Place B', which is closer! (Place B is legit right next to the gas station while Place A is like maybe two buildings down, so either way, it's still very close). I say no, I've been craving something specific from Place A, so she relents and says okay and that she's gonna be sitting outside drinking coffee until then.

So maybe 20 minutes go by and I go out to give Sis a written list of what to get (cuz she has a not great memory and will forget stuff) and I get close to the side porch door (which is open) and hear her bitching about having to go through the drive thru for me to our mom. She goes on about how I'm SO RUDE for asking her to drive so far, and how food from Place A is "just so f*ing gross", and goes on to say how she didn't even want to do this anyways.

Well I heard our mom tell her to be grateful because nobody else was offering to buy her food, gas, AND her fancy cigarettes. Well Sis scoffed and started saying something else but I walked outside and she shut up. Mom and her had wide eyed looks but I reached down and plucked my card (which she was gonna use to get everything) from her hand and just said, "Nevermind, I don't wanna burden you. I'll order through DoorDash instead." then walked back inside.

She tried to call me back and say she was "just messing around" but I ignored her, and when it was made clear I wasn't buying her crap or coming back I heard her pitching a huge baby fit and our mom laughing and telling her she did this to herself by being ungrateful. So yeah, Sis threw her fit and wore herself out before going and sitting in her car for a few hours to pout. I really had no issue helping her if she did a little favor for me in return. But I'm not going to help anyone who bitches about said help behind my back.

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