SJW calls gay guy a homophobe

I’ve had time to cool of a bit, so I’m gonna say one last thing and not respond to anything else here. About the box thing, that’s just how I am, and it’s because I can’t properly express my emotions in the real world, as well as having depression. The way I cope with it is this, I put everybody in the world into a box, and I naturally distrust everyone due to lack of contact with the outside world, as well as I hold in my anger, sadness and fear, and I can’t properly express those to anyone even if I need to, until it builds up and all comes out at once, and the few times it has happened, it ended badly. And that’s why I put everyone in that box, so I don’t have to interact with anyone unless I have to. If I do for more than two seconds, or interact with a person multiple times, I start to trust them more and take that person out of the box I put them in, and hopefully, I can take more people out of that box, and have people I care for and trust. Till then I just put on a mask and pretend I’m happy. I don’t know if you’ll believe it, but I’m not a racist person, and and I don’t truly hate anyone, not even you despite the arguing. I’ll probably delete this later, so I hope you see it before I do. I’m sorry if I pissed you off, and despite everything, I hope you have a good life my dude.

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