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TBH no, I just wanted to throw in /ɴ/, and decided on arbitrary morphological processes which are currently purely extra hypothetical, to have them participate in some sort of consonant gradation, which would make them pattern with lab. velars and plain uvulars respectively.

As for point two, I don't pronounce pure phonemes, I pronounce phones badly; in all seriousness, that was more to keep the pattern clear, in actuality /t͡sᵡ/ & /t͡ɬˣ/ will probably form deliberate systematic gaps, so it's only really /t͡ɬᵡ/ that's sticking around, and mostly before low vowels as a cluster akin to /t͡ɬχ/ + one of /e̠ ø̠ o̠ a/ which will proabbly lower further. As for when it is realised as more aspiration it will actually be more akin to [t͡ʟ̝̥ᵡ] if not even [k͡ʟ̝̥ᵡ]

For the most part I'm considering dropping all the aspirate affricates, and instead make there be a four way series of affricate vs velar 'aspirate' vs uvular 'aspirate' vs tenuis stop; in which case I'll probably add some suffricates or just be less inane and allow sibilants to occur asa cluster before any other single non-fricative phoneme in the onset.

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