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Aww, I'm sorry to hear that things are going badly :(

  1. Well, why not, I pick 1.
  2. This is terrible, but I just sleep it off. When I'm stressed, I've slept like 12+ hours a day. At some point, I get tired of staying in bed, I go out and do things, and feel better.
  3. This is pretty much why I'm writing this response. There's a French song called "Beau Malheur" which means "beautiful misfortune". The singer's name is Emmanuel Moire, who had a twin brother, but the brother died in a car accident, and he's a very introverted gay who presumably faced some difficulties in life. So understandably his songs are very depressing but also super encouraging at the same time because you know that he's been to a darker place than you (well, at least me). This particular song I really like and I listen to it when I'm down, it basically tells you that to be confident you must know fear, that you must know sorrow before you can know comfort, that you must cry before knowing the comfort of having nothing to hide, etc etc. There's probably translation on the web but if not I can give you the full translation. In a very basic sense it basically says that everything happens for a reason (I don't really believe that... lol) but somehow it provides the solidarity that I need. Hope you pull through whatever is bothering you!
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