Small men in big offices lack vision, says Imran after India calls off talks

Afghan Taliban/TTP are a Pakistani creation, as as LeT, JeM, Harkat-ul-Ansar, Haqqani network, and many others. You can't complain if your own children have decided to turn against you.

You really need to research more on this. There are books written on how mujahideen came to be yet you speak ignorant nonsense like this. Taliban were a by-product of the US war on terror. India should consider itself lucky not to be affected by it.

Pakistan paid and continues to pay a grave cost because of it's border with afghanistan and US involvment in the region against then USSR. Pakistan accepted millions of afghan refugees then, who to this day harbour negative sentiments for the country that saved them and don't accept the Durand line.

But that's something you have no knowledge on because apparently calling Pakistan a terrorist state and a victim of its own creation is way easier instead.

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