Some interesting clips from ESL One New York today

MM over ESEA anytime

Stopped reading here. You're a fucking idiot. As if MM isn't toxic and the level of play isn't garbage. How exactly do you determine you're one of the few GE's that are actually good? Certainly not by MM I hope. In case you didn't know there's League/Scrims on ESEA if you can handle solo queing. I stopped playing FACEIT after all the NA pros did and I've noticed no difference in Pugstars. Only difference was the blatant quality between servers and anti cheat (it's garbage and worse than CEVOs). FACEIT'S match making has been bombarded throughout the year from how garbage it is so unless you're scrimming on it I don't see how you would ever get better. I don't see why anyone trying to get better would ever even mention GE or MM. And if you're ever looking to get serious in CSGO you better believe you'll have to get on ESEA to do so. It's easily best client with it's anticheat and servers. Along with the level of play being the highest available for the public. It wouldn't surprise me if you're one of the many globals that dwells in Rank D/C with the "effort" you've made to improve. The only thing you should be doing on the vanilla client is HS only DMs and warming on aim botz. It's no wonder some of these clips looking suspicious to you, you haven't played at a relevant level yet.

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