Redditor explains what's wrong with cargo shorts

Those cargo pockets are useless, they can't even fit a TI-84. Back when I was the kind of person who would wear cargo shorts, I was also the kind of person who wanted to carry a full sized graphing calculator with me places, and had to use the normal pockets like some kind of peasant. So then I had to move my phone down to the cargo pockets, where it was almost impossible to feel the vibration when someone (read: my mom) called, so I'd have to put my phone sound on and have the whole world know when I was getting a message or a call, plus I'd have to remember to silence it in situations where that was required.

Basically, cargo shorts are for suckers, real men use backpacks with wheels so that you can carry everything you need efficiently (as long as there aren't too many stairs, in which case you will have to average out the extra energy spent going up and down stairs vs the energy saved walking around, but this will vary case by case so you'll have to use your own judgement on that)

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